Who is Mission Destiny Helicopter?

What people have to say about Mission Destiny Helicopter: 


 “Definitely an experience worth sharing to others – from the takeoff to the landing. The pilot answered all of my questions. Can’t wait to go up again! Ben W.” 

“Tim gave my daughter and I the ride of our lives.  It was amazing seeing the world from such a perspective.  Unlike a plane, we were able to circle areas of interest, and wave to family and friends on the ground.  Tim and his wife were extremely fun and hospitable.  I would recommend this adventure to everyone!!!” – Ben M.

“Amazing, beautiful! I felt safe and enjoyed the Amish Farms” – Martin K

“Loved it, can’t wait to go again!” – Bill & Marcia

As the lead pilot and owner of Mission Destiny Helicopter, Tim has been flying since 1975 having a total of over 2,500 flying hours, He has been an active member of the Air Force Auxiliary as a mission pilot since 1992.


Mission Destiny Helicopter was founded to provide an opportunity to share his love and joy of flying in a helicopter with others. Soaring high above familiar places puts them in a new perspective. Now this experience is within reach for everyone.




Experience the world from the air. Enjoy the view!

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Mission Destiny
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